Saturday, April 23, 2011

Painting by the LAKE!

The lake where our ART workshop was held
Wow what a great day we had outside Wilson, NC in a little lake house near Stantonsburg! Who would not want to paint next to this gorgeous lake?  A group of the Wilson Active Artists met here on Saturday April 23 and painted their little hearts out! The cool morning fog gave way to warm afternoon sun and by the end of the day (3:00 pm) everyone had at least 1 painting completed and one had completed 3!

Steve, during lunch, deciding maybe we can paint without him!
Lunch was ham, fried chicken, potato salad, deviled eggs, fruit....oh my!  There are Art workshops and there are ART parties and this was a party!  Our Thanks to Susan and Don for graciously providing the beautiful  location for our two START classes today and additional thanks to the Wilson Active Artists for asking us here!  A great time was had by all!
Students coming in!

Working away!

Her beautiful painting!

Painting her own horse!

First cat!

One of 3 paintings completed in one day!

Happy with her first dog painting!

Delighted with her efforts!

Beautiful horse!

A wonderful dog!

Susan graciously loaned her Lake Cottage to the group!

Delighted to paint her own dog!