Saturday, September 17, 2011

Our students keep getting better!

So many 2 hour art classes assume that their students will be unable to paint anything "too" complicated in just two hours. Well we, at Art Student Academy,  have always challenged that and our slide show gallery shows the amazing results from expecting the best from our students! From absolute beginners to advanced painters, our classes offer the skills, techniques and motivation that is sometimes necessary to just come on out and paint!
Above all else, Art Student Academy offers something that money cannot buy-that wonderful feeling that comes when you achieve something that you never thought you could achieve! Let the smiles show you that!
2 hours at our Art and Wine Class!

Warm and cool colors in our Childrens Art Program

Warm and cool colors in our Childrens Art Program's older class

This photo of this couple from Wilson in one of our two hour classes is one of my favorites especially the "I can't believe I did this" part!
So come join us in one of our classes and leave with a painting that will amaze your friends! :-)

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