Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A "learn to draw" tip from us!

coffee cup
We have all kinds of tips and techniques when it comes to showing people how to paint a subject but the one thing we hear a lot of is someone telling us that "they don't know how to draw."  Well, we also have some tips on learning to draw that are simple, effective, inexpensive and only require........consistency!

All you need is a pencil and a small 5 x 7 (or smaller) sketchpad that you can carry around with you. At least 4 times a week, set something simple, like a coffee cup, salt shaker, bottle...one object only-by a strong light. The light can be a lamp or a window but you want the light to cast a  shadow. And sketch what you see.

Sign and date the sketch.  30 days later, go back and draw the same thing. Wait till you see the difference! Practice really does make perfect!

tube of paint