Thursday, April 26, 2012

Private Party exposed!

What did we expose at this private party??

 A GREAT time! :-) 

Steve and I joined so enjoyed teaching this group of friends and co-workers at our Wake Forest location!  We call them "Private Parties" but of course with co-workers they are a TEAM art party!
They painted individual paintings but a group can also test their organizational skills by having one final image in mind but needing all the individual pieces (paintings) to complete the final vision! A great one to hang on the wall of your office! (the concept is like a quilting bee except all the parts interact!)
So last night the ladies brought in their wines, their cheeses, assorted crackers, shrimp, brownies.....oh and then we started to paint! We reminded them that the key is to not dip your paintbrush into your wine glass so a few brought tall, easily identifiable wine glasses to avoid that small problem :-)
Final view!

 A Collage of the group view!

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