Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The final class Gallery

As promised, here are the images of the student's classwork!
They all did a wonderful, creative job!

Next 4H camp is July 18-20!
Complete schedules at
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4H camp in Henderson

Well, Henderson may be a hike from Raleigh, NC but it's home to a great group of enthusiastic and artsy 4Her's who have been participating in a 3 day "Paint you Dog!" class designed especially for them (by us) at the Hills Music Shoppe.
I have to smile as I was NOT what they were expecting! Nor has the class been what they might have thought it was going to be! Excitement is mounting as moms are not allowed of course to view the art until today!
So keep an eye out for the final results :-)
The photo below is the first day...and my did they start off quiet....until about 10 minutes into the class....the youngest are young, 6-9.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Another successful START ART class!

What a great time we had last night and we even forgot the wine in the midst of it all!

Several of the participants are regulars in our classes but Rachel came along with her husband and painted an incredible cat for her first painting! Take a look and be patient while we adjust our very busy July schedule to add more of our fun art classes!
4H workshop in Henderson June 27-29
STARTART Party (free) July 8 in Wake Forest
TEEN Portrait Art Camp July 11-15
Adult Pastel Portrait class July 30-31 in Raleigh!
And all around that are our art shows! So check back in a couple of days and in the meantime enjoy the collages of photos throughout the blog!-THeresa

Monday, June 13, 2011

Friday night art party!

Friday nights FREE art Party in Wake Forest! Are these happy campers or what? This night it was all the adults playing with paint!
next free art party is Friday July 8 at Wake Forest Art and Frame!
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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Draw Anything class coming up!

So many people tell me "I can't draw." Somewhere in their past they heard those words....and it is an amazing fact in this era of "feel good" comments that no one takes it the wrong way! They simply assume you either have it or you do not!

Well, I have a surprise for you...there are tips and techniques that you can learn that will open up a whole new world to you...and little drawing exercises that, if you are serious (like a diet now) you can see amazing results in just a few weeks :-)

Simple subjects, a pencil and paper and before you know CAN draw!
Come out Tuesday June 14 to the Wake Forest Art and Frame-see all the info to the right.

Space is more limited in the Wake Forest location than our Franklinton Studio so sign up today!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Summer landscape painting!

Bragging rights! A collage of what our students accomplish in our classes. Many of these are first time landscape painters and the fun of using one particular image is that whenthey are all done, no two paintings are alike! Aa great lesson in how people see things differently!

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Saturday, June 4, 2011

4 H fundraiser is a big hit!

Oh my, we might have been crowded but we had a hardworking group of kids who created some amazing paintings! I have enlarged this collage of photos so that the tiny ones can be better seen. Take a look and see if you don;t agree that 29 girls did an exceptional job in just 2.5 hours!