Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Community College Art Students!

Our classes at Art Student Academy accommodate ALL  ages-and we have a ball!

My Art Enrichment class is at the Vance County Community College and I have a dedicated evening class of participants :-)
So our most recent class was a mixed bag of subjects although everyone had acrylic paints!
Check out the examples of what they created below-Their homework? Practice blending! Wet on wet acrylics blend well if you work quickly and let the wet paint do all the work!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Getting the Creative Juices going!

Our January after school classes are back in session, the evening class at Vance Granville Community College has started and both track out and summer camp weeks are up!

It's not hard to find inspiration to paint COLD when it is in the teens outside!

And it's not hard to think spring when it's in the teens outside! Add a beautiful cardinal and you have a stunning painting for these beginners.

THe VGCC had a great turn out on a frigid night but 4 newbies came with no supplies-so....we made do with some gathered oil pastels and they had a blast! (hey all ages love this Op Art!)

And finally inspiration comes in spades-art outside and in!

A Track out camp in Feb, March, April and May!

Outdoor fun makes for happy artists!

And of course art, art and more art!