Monday, September 2, 2013

School and ART and new studios are starting!

Wow, where did the month of August go? Kids are already back in school!
Panic mode-must get out newsletters!

So THIS week our after school classes begin,  
We have some new and exciting programs for the kids, so sign up for September now!

The weekend of Sept 7 and 8 is the Wake Forest Artist Guild tour. I can't call it a studio tour as it will all be concentrated in downtown Wake Forest, but I will be there painting portraits and showing the art room to parents both days!

We're expanding  a few of our art courses to include a serious classical training course at our Franklinton studio. It won't be a course for everyone as it is does NOT involve creativity-it involves, the way it used to be taught actually back in the Old Masters Day. We'll keep you posted!

We've added a smaller studio to our mini-farm...or maybe I should call it an Art Compound? What with our large art studio, the 2 story woodworking shop and now the smaller studio (re-purposed 12 x 20 storage building!) we'll need to re-think our parking areas!  Read all about the studios on my other blog: (

Shed being positioned after moving
Fall is a time for  art shows for us as well so it's incredibly busy! But we always find time for your 2 hour classes coming up on the calendar on our webpage!

Have a Safe and Great LABOR DAY!

Our working art studio