Thursday, September 27, 2012

Tulips and Cats on Windowsills...

Three weeks in Seattle may have put me behind but it did not affect our many classes-the advantage of 2 artists in the family :-)

 To the left are four friends who were part of a larger class and they settled at a table together to paint. Needless to say, theywere thrilled with their results in our "Vase of Tulips" class.

While the adults tend to stick to the painted example as we paint,,,but obviously with very different results. the other part of the class was a group of nine year olds who simply.....painted!

Check out their results and individual efforts!

Further down was a Saturday group who enjoyed painting "Peonies on the Table" and "Cat on the Windowsill", all with remarkable results!

Saturday will be our "Tea for Two and later "Ladies Art Journal Retreat"

Monday, September 24, 2012

The littlest artists!

Seriously, is there nothing cuter than a group of 5-7 year old children learning that EVERYTHING they could paint could essentially be painted with just 3 colors?  KNow how they relate to that? I asked how many colors were in their parents' printers at all knew red, yellow and blue  (no, we're not counting the black!) SO then I mentioned that all their photographs printed from the computer came from those 3 to watch their faces.
So not only did we cut out the colors (I needed to see their scissor skills!) but also used their personal sketchbooks to actually make a little color actually making green, purple and orange spoke more than a discussion :-) I have a smart group here!

3 colors makes all this?