Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A "learn to draw" tip from us!

coffee cup
We have all kinds of tips and techniques when it comes to showing people how to paint a subject but the one thing we hear a lot of is someone telling us that "they don't know how to draw."  Well, we also have some tips on learning to draw that are simple, effective, inexpensive and only require........consistency!

All you need is a pencil and a small 5 x 7 (or smaller) sketchpad that you can carry around with you. At least 4 times a week, set something simple, like a coffee cup, salt shaker, bottle...one object only-by a strong light. The light can be a lamp or a window but you want the light to cast a  shadow. And sketch what you see.

Sign and date the sketch.  30 days later, go back and draw the same thing. Wait till you see the difference! Practice really does make perfect!

tube of paint

Amazing SNOW class!

A group ranging in ages from 7 to into their 50's all sat and painted their snow scenes and what a pleasure their creativity was!
Although we had one major painting to work from, each student added their own twist-a hard thing to do at first!
The results, from snow covered tobacco barns to Christmas cottages,  speak for themselves!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Painting Snow Scenes!

Snow-ah, there's something about a cold, muffled winter day with 16 inches of snow blanketing the ground........well maybe 2-3 inches..... :-).
Depending on your viewpoint and where you live, snow covered buildings and scenes are a popular subject matter! And what better way to embrace it than in a beautiful, picturesque scene that you have painted yourself? 
Our class, "Painting Snow Scenes" for tonight  from 6-8 pm is full but don't worry-we will offer another soon!
You are right! Snow is not all white!

Loved how this turned out!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Abstract cats and Thanksgiving Harvest CLASS

Abstract Cats!
Abstract cats and design were the topics for the after school class on Tuesday.

What a great job they did! 
Students have just an hour to design and then create their version of an abstract cat and the results were exciting!
Thanksgiving harvest

Our next image is what we will be painting tonight in our 6-8 class, "Thanksgiving Harvest!"
  A few spots left! All ages, all abilities! Sign up at: http://www.artstudentacademy.com/Thanksgiving-Harvest-Bowl.html

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

"Through the Garden Gate" Students Rock!

 A series of images from our "Through the Garden Gate" class! So much fun as none of the students thought, at first, they could paint Steve's display painting!

This class was held at the Twisted Vine Wine Shop in Wake Forest.

Remember-we can come to you!

Questions about our classes? Just contact us!
Steve teaching the class

Rebecca was happy

Cindy relaxed and had a great time!
Karen never thought she could do this!

I am SO pleased!
Ok, You're right, it looks good!
Allan zipped right through his painting!