Thursday, August 8, 2013

Painting Mountains

Since my artist husband, Stephen Filarsky and I are full time artists, we must constantly coordinate our art schedules with our instruction schedules and it takes some serious organizing to do that!

Recently, we completed a show in the stunningly beautiful mountains of NC near Blowing Rock. It must be the cool weather combined with mountain vistas that is so inspirational but whatever it is we squeezed in a workshop for a group of ladies. Only one had painted before. The others were total beginners. Apparently a former group experience had not inspired confidence nor enthusiasm so it was fun to watch them not only create a beautiful painting but become enthused enough to later run out and purchase paint to continue their art studies!

Learning to paint is all about learning to"see". That was the missing component that no one had ever showed them. None of them will ever look at clouds or mountain vistas again without experiencing that "AHA!" moment when what we shared, clicked with them! And that is a good place to be for an artist of any skill level!  The tips and techniques we shared for painting mountain vistas is the same for ALL mountains whether it is the Blue Ridge, Adirondacks, Himalayas or the Rockies. Painting such a scene once and painting it well is often the inspiration needed for a beginner to become and enthusiast.  And painting is one hobby that can be enjoyed year round, at all ages and for minimal expense (compared to other hobbies!)

Happy Painters :-)
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