Monday, May 11, 2015


A Grown UP art camp?
Well sure! A group of young at heart participants gathered together on Saturday May 9 and they  had a ball creating the same art the kids do at our summer art camps in the country!

First, the day was perfect-sunny,breezy and in the 70's! The first tropical storm of the season, Anna, did not dampen the area till the following day :-)

Take a look below at some of the fun art we created!

Working in and around both studios!

Watercolor blotches with ink

Alcohol inks on tiles

They met the ponies, the dogs and tried to photograph the chickens :-) We worked with watercolor, ink, alcohol inks on tiles, painted cans and planted flowers....the one thing no one did was eat lunch in the trees (as the kids do!)  Enjoy a few more scenes from a terrific day!

The men relaxing :-)

Notice the men know how to relax naturally?

But that was the point of the art camp-open a beer or a cold drink, bring a bagged lunch and simply enjoy a day for yourself!

In the big studio

Front view of the large studio
Full house inside. But the day was nice enough to spread outside with no problem!

They enjoyed not just the many varieties of roses beginning to bloom but the peonies!

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