Thursday, September 29, 2011

This collage is from 2 classes and the kids had a ball working with liquid watercolors on diffusion paper! They experimented with salt...and a close look at some of the watercolors will show the very cool dappling that results when adding sea salt to damp watercolor!

They really enjoyed the random explosion of color, and the resulting designs were varied and diverse!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

"Painting Birds, Birds, Birds" class!

As promised here are some images from our Bird, Birds, Birds! art class. Ten students came out that evening and we love to see the repeaters! One student is in our after school program and she came with her mom...and nothing creates that unique bonding activity more than parent/child...unless of course it is husband and wife!
The class at Wake Forest Art and Frame
 Now we don't have everyone individually-for some, shyness just has to be chipped away :-) The men are the worst about having their photos taken of their painting efforts! But in a group setting they are fine. What we encourage and our students do, is to step out of their comfort zone.

You can't put a price on that achievement!

Debbie was in our Lighthouse Painting class and exceled in this one too!

This was her first class with us and this is a lovely job!

Next class on Wednesday night, Sept 21 is Painting FARM ANIMALS! That includes, sheep, donkeys, cows, goats....Come on! We meet from 6-8 and you can sign up online!
Kelly was also in our Lighthouse class and this bluejay is stunning!

Mom came with her daughter and this is their rooster! Great job!

Daughter Sarah did an outstanding job!
Tamara was thrilled with her Gold Finch painting!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Our students keep getting better!

So many 2 hour art classes assume that their students will be unable to paint anything "too" complicated in just two hours. Well we, at Art Student Academy,  have always challenged that and our slide show gallery shows the amazing results from expecting the best from our students! From absolute beginners to advanced painters, our classes offer the skills, techniques and motivation that is sometimes necessary to just come on out and paint!
Above all else, Art Student Academy offers something that money cannot buy-that wonderful feeling that comes when you achieve something that you never thought you could achieve! Let the smiles show you that!
2 hours at our Art and Wine Class!

Warm and cool colors in our Childrens Art Program

Warm and cool colors in our Childrens Art Program's older class

This photo of this couple from Wilson in one of our two hour classes is one of my favorites especially the "I can't believe I did this" part!
So come join us in one of our classes and leave with a painting that will amaze your friends! :-)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

BLuejays, kingfishers and cardinal class! Steve's paintings



Goldfinch oil SFilarsky
 How can you not like these little guys?

Steve created all of these, in oil, on small 4 x 6 or 5 x 7 canvases. Just stunning! And you can do the same thing! We'll use acrylics rather than oils but the colors are the same and you can enjoy the fun that comes with photographing them at your feeders for more inspiration!
winter house wren-oil-SFilarsky
Join us in Wed Sept 14 from 6-8 pm
for Birds, birds, birds!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Sept 10 classes! CReatures of the Sea and Colorful Beach Scenes!

Our last CREATURES of the SEA was so popular, we are squeezing it in again before our fall lineup! Add COLORFUL BEACH SCENES and you have a wonderful day of painting and thinking "days of summer!"
Proudly add the American flag to your beach scene!
And since the tenth anniversary of Sept 11 is the same weekend, we will also offer the option of including our American Flag in the scenes as a reminder of how much we owe our country and our freedoms to paint as we choose! Here are just two images  you can use in our afternoon class! 1-3 pm
Now just add some red, white and blue Adirondack chairs!

What was created in our last Creatures of the Sea class? Well, lots of dolphins but don't forget that there are Sea Otters, whales (well a lot of tails!)
 fish from your fish tank, seahorses, an octopus and even a shark if you want to paint one!   from 10-noon
One of several amazing dolphins from our last class!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

After school class and their designs

September 6 was the first day of our weekly art classes for ages 6-17 and what a series of designs they created!
Actually I gave minimal instructions as there is nothing that kicks in the creative juices
Design class creations!
like having them come up with their
own designs! A great job by them all!

By the way this Saturday we'll be in Wake Forest for our two Saturday classes: Colorful beach scenes and sea creatures!
Check our schedule online

Friday, September 2, 2011

A busy fall line up!

Crazy hair art!


Colorful collage!

September marks the start of so many thing: school, holiday season, sports, and MORE art classes!
Watch for our updated schedules and Tuesday, September 6 is the first day of our ART CLASSES for kids!
I have a great program planned for the two age groups so make sure you contact me with any questions!
Learning to paint portraits!

Learning to paint animals!

Learning to paint landscapes!