Friday, March 29, 2013

Painting with acrylics

Painting Butterflies

Evening Stroll on Beach
So we were so busy with classes, art shows and new animals at the farm that TIME slipped up on me!

But not to worry! The following are images of what our painters have been creating and they have been busy!

Whether you are experienced, a total beginner, 5 years old or 105, you will leave with a beautiful painting in just 2 hours!

Piglet in Acrylics
Acrylics are water soluable, easy to clean off of you (not your clothes) and dry quickly. That means you can paint oiver areas you may not like or add to areas that you have already painted!

So from Farm animals to insects, to beautiful scenes, to abstracts.......well we are painting it all!
Southern Magnolia
Realistic flowers to Pop Art Pets!

Scroll down a bit further and you can ssee what ASA can been doing with the MIchael's Store on Caital Blvd. in Raleigh!

Want to join in? Email us at artclasses@artstudentacademy OR visit us on the web at and check out the calendar!

Pop Art Pets
Classes by ASA at Michael's!