Saturday, December 8, 2012

Holiday Art Class

A Saturday in December is always a busy day everywhere  with parades, sports, parties and Christmas events. But we had participants come out to the Holiday Inn Express in Apex, NC to participate in a fun filled "Holiday Art Class" sponsored by the Apex Arts Council!
Each person decided what she would like to paint and brought along a photo. See the remarkable results below!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Paint and Glitter!

A Five year old and glitter

The Christmas Tree!
Wow November whizzed by and suddenly, December is here and I am working on portraits every day.....but it is the time of year to have fun with paintings!
The two Christmas trees were created by 5 year olds and adding glitter to wet paint is literally the icing on the cake! Below our adults settled into a Cabin in the Snow while a mother daughter duo embellished their snow covered cabin with a decorated Christmas Tree!

Cabin in the Snow

Christmas Cabin

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

HALLOWEEN-the Haunted House!

I was pleased to see parents painting with their children at our October 27, 10-12 class! The subject was HALLOWEEN of course and it was the "Haunted House."  This is one of those paintings that starts the same for everyone but the details are what set it apart...amazing what everyone (including parents!) sees or remembers about Halloween that makes their painting special and unique!
Check out the results below!
Results from the "Haunted House!"

Monday, October 22, 2012

Adding classes to another location

Speaking of news!
Grumbacher Company asked me to teach some art lessons at the Michael's store at 5240 Capital in Raleigh NC....what fun! 
They have not had a painting instructor there in a year so I'm essentially building it back up. BUT it should be a great location for the morning and evening classes and those participants in Raleigh and further south. They have a nice sized classroom where we can accommodate a group of up to 12 comfortably. (no stools in any of our classes-just chairs!)
Classes at Michael's are $25.00 per person. Supplies are not included but a nice Grumbacher starter kit can be purchased with everything in it you need to keep painting for a long-g-g-g time for $49.95. :-) Bring in one of their coupons and get it 40-50% off!

So, first class tomorrow morning 10-12 "Field of Pumpkins!" See what a previous class (all ages and abilities) painted below :-)

Class for Field of Pumpkins
For all of our participants north, don't worry-we keep right on with our classes at 139 S. White St!
The rest of the October classes only have a few spots left and can be found here

Start painting for the Holidays!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

The cameo pastel

LOL-So I completed this whole blog thinking it was on my personal art site blog but is on the art instruction site...ah well, everyone enjoy! (maybe I can copy and paste to my other blog?)

Lots of small portraits have been ordered from my clients right now so I am busy creating memories for many people. This time of year everything is starting into the secrecy stage :-)

Bella, cameo pastel
This small pastel was photographed on my easel but is a popular size for gift giving. They frame out to around 12 x 15 (with mats) Almost any kind of photo will work-even the old black and white ones pulled from a relative's album :-)
I call them "cameos"...the face (of a person) is usually around the size of roughly a saucer...then of course I add a bit more to balance the portrait and...Walla!, a cameo  portrait

 cameo pastel
 This cute baby was just 2 weeks old when her photo was taken as was her brother (who is now 2). I suggested to their mom to do separate portraits simply because each one at 2 weeks, put together, will look like a set of twins!

 cameo pastel
There was a little coordinating of clothes and colors of course-but all timeless!

So did everyone order pastels? No. Another popular medium is pencil. Yep. Soft, black and white pencils :-)

3 separate pencil portraits, cameos
I have combined 3 pencils together for display purposes but each one is a cameo. Pencil is super hard for me to photograph as you can see! Each background is white but the soft, subtle shades of gray get lost in a photograph! So enjoy by using your imagination!

Coming up later-more cameos featuring dogs and horses!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Island Paradise pink cottage paintings!

Ready for some photos of talented painters? Two classes  today..the first were couples enjoying a beautiful Saturday morning from 10-12. Take a look!

Now if only I could center these things.....

Individual images

Thursday, October 4, 2012

The BLUE Peacock class!

You gotta love it when  groups of friends come to paint! We always say that "Friends should not let friends paint alone" and last night everyone took it to heart! A group of four came complete with wine, chocolate and popcorn and had a delightful time!
Another group of four were enjoying an evening in the Art Zone without the complications from the day to slip in and a pair of friends came to encourage each other to create!

The "Blue Peacock" is one on those paintings that can be taken to a very detailed level or a less detailed one. It is easy to just keep painting away and adding embellishments. And any artist can take the same image and paint it a dozen different ways and colors. Maybe a red, lavender, rainbow's your painting!

ALL the results were stunning!

And unbeknownst to the painters, they all absorbed some valuable tips about blending, color harmony and details :-) We love to sneak the ART into HAVING FUN!

I think I'll bring popcorn next time.......

Painters of the "Blue Peacock"

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Tulips and Cats on Windowsills...

Three weeks in Seattle may have put me behind but it did not affect our many classes-the advantage of 2 artists in the family :-)

 To the left are four friends who were part of a larger class and they settled at a table together to paint. Needless to say, theywere thrilled with their results in our "Vase of Tulips" class.

While the adults tend to stick to the painted example as we paint,,,but obviously with very different results. the other part of the class was a group of nine year olds who simply.....painted!

Check out their results and individual efforts!

Further down was a Saturday group who enjoyed painting "Peonies on the Table" and "Cat on the Windowsill", all with remarkable results!

Saturday will be our "Tea for Two and later "Ladies Art Journal Retreat"

Monday, September 24, 2012

The littlest artists!

Seriously, is there nothing cuter than a group of 5-7 year old children learning that EVERYTHING they could paint could essentially be painted with just 3 colors?  KNow how they relate to that? I asked how many colors were in their parents' printers at all knew red, yellow and blue  (no, we're not counting the black!) SO then I mentioned that all their photographs printed from the computer came from those 3 to watch their faces.
So not only did we cut out the colors (I needed to see their scissor skills!) but also used their personal sketchbooks to actually make a little color actually making green, purple and orange spoke more than a discussion :-) I have a smart group here!

3 colors makes all this?

Friday, August 24, 2012

Whimsical POP Art PETS!

Nothing is more fun and less stressful than painting with no holds barred! No expectations, no predictable outcome! Bring a photo of a pet and turn it into a whimsical pop art experience! Why should Andy Warhol have all the fun?

See what others have created and enjoy!

A husband and wife team
mother and daughter

A family Painting event

So the next time you are at a loss of what to do or want to reach into that artsy side of you, come to one of our no stress (well they are all no stress!) classes and unleash your creativity!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Painting Mountain sunsets

One table of painters
 Who has not enjoyed the brilliant colors of the sun setting  (or rising!) over the Mountains?

10 Painters of all ages participated in this recent Wednesday night class (we hold them from 6:30-8:30) and a few of the results are below!
Harrington came with Grandma!

This group of friends had a blast!
Steve instructed and enjoyed it as much as they did!

It takes some concentration to paint layers of mountains fading into the distance but as you can see, they all figured it out with Steve' help. :-)

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Popsicle sticks, paint and string... and togetherness

It does not take much to spark creativity and these kids ended the week with a bang! Looking beyond creativity, they were helpful, generous with their help to their peers, kind and a delight to be around. Art obviously rocks!

End of week completions!

Helping hands :-)

Friday, July 27, 2012

Glue and twine and balloons sculptureDrying in the heat

Balloon sculpture drying
So we dipped hemp and yarn into watered down glue and wrapped them around balloons......what a fun mess!

Sculpture is not all about 3-D. The students had to figure out some basic logistics such as How do you wrap a round object without the twine falling off? :-) It was a challenge for most of them! I had  them think of the "logitude" lines on a globe to make it easier.

 The same thinking applies towards popsicle  sticks and glue.....How do you make them stand? What geometric forms make them sturdier?  Now they are grasping that Sculptural Art is an all inclusive brain exercise in logistics!

Modeling, casting and building in summer camp!

By Midweek in Art Student Academy's Sculpting camp,  the students have built, hand coiled pots, free standing forms, made  armatures and learned casting...oh did we mention the all popular craft stick building and balloon sculptures?

A few lessons in tool handling, some painting and they had some amazing work by Thursday!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Day 1 Summer sculpture camp!

Oh yeah! Clay, clay and more clay!
Nope, doesn't get any better than that! Sometimes first days start slow. Now this summer camp!Watch for some more amazing kid sculpture coming up!

Children and art!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Painting the Figure and getting past the fear

Although we are missing a few additional examples from this collage, the participants stepped up to the plate and in 2 hours painted their beautiful renditions in the "Gone Fishing" class! The figures on the dock were changed into what they envisioned as each artist made her (yep all women for this class!) painting into personal  masterpieces! Painting the figure from the back presents less challenges to the new painter of figures than trying to get a likeness from the front. It opens up a whole new range of options and paintings and many a famous painter from the past only included figures in their paintings from the back or small scale. It's a very good beginning!

Were they doubting artists beforehand? Sure. But they did it!

Speaking of doubts.......I had a phone call yesterday from a woman wanting to join our upcoming "Paint your Pet" class and she shared with me all her doubts and concerns about her artistic abilities. Seems her current instructor kept telling her she
wasn't ready to paint her dog, needed more instruction, etc, etc.

Seriously-why would anyone hold someone back in the realm of painting using that ridiculous statement? Why turn the creation of art into a mystery that can only be unlocked by the hallowed halls of professionals?
I am a professional and yet nothing brings a smile quicker to my face than to see a student of any age realize that "they can do it!"

Having said that-Taking just one class isn't enough to begin to master the art of painting. One class isn't enough to master ANY hobby! So get over your fear and jump in. If you are committed, you will know that a whole new world has opened up for you. We are there to help you and guide you but the dedication must come from you!

So join the many others who have discovered their "inner artist!"
Class schedule (remember August is SHOW times for us!) for August coming and Sept-full steam ahead!

Let go of the dock-start swimming!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Two hour Blitz...

The Two Hour Blitz that we  refer to, is the two hours of the Art Zone where you are literally, "one with your art."
For many of our participants, it's a totally new concept and a totally new event. And it only becomes apparent at the end of class......and they all marvel at it!  Because for two hours, they were encompassed in a world of art. And while they were creating, they thought of nothing else-no worries..... nothing to distract them from "the Zone." A happy place. 

And that is a wonderful place to be!
Look at the results below and join us in our next class on Wed, July 18, 6:30-8:30 for a beautiful painting "Gone Fishing"

Painting the Hammock on the Beach!

Fun painting the Abstract Cow!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

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(LOL-got your attention!)This morning's class:
Abstract COW
This afternoon's class!
Hammock at the Beach

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Hammock on the Beach, Dolphins and Abstract Cows!

Summer is a busy month for us! We are artists after all and participate in many events such as shows, gallery showings, etc. so take advantage of the upcoming classes if summer painting is what you want to do!

So what's coming up? 
How about painting a fun,  Abstract Cow?  

Maybe a beautiful "Fishing on the Lake?"  
Hammock on the Beach

July 11, wed we will be painting DOLPHINS! 

Want something specific for your kids (or the kid in you?) Try our July 13 6:30-8:30 fun class at the Wake Forest Art After Hours event! Peace Sign or Skateboards!  

"Gone Fishing"
 More coming but we will not have many classes in August due to shows so come on this month!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Ladies ART Journaling Retreat! June 30!

Yep, it's tomorrow afternoon from 1-4! Beat the Heat and come into the air conditioned comfort of the studio and play with art! That's what it's all about :-)

How fun to incorporate a series of images such as those that are here and see what you can create!  I have a slew of these old images as well as SO many art supplies to play with! Join us!
 Inspiration for Women only :-)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Summer art camp fun!

Paint, ponies, colors, goats, beautiful weather, garden flowers, dogs, watercolor, more dogs, snacktimes, acrylic paint, spin art, tree climbing....huh? Yep-That's what's happening at our Kids Painting Art camp at Art Student Academy this week!
Take a few minutes and see the fun here!:

Art Camp at Art Student Academy

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Watercolor and the Beach!

Wow, getting busy for the kid's art camp next week and falling behind on updates...oh no!

But we're not falling behind on classes! Check out what these watercolorists did last Saturday with Steve as instructor and then check our calendar for what's coming up  June 8 and 9!

A collage of a few participants

Happy with her watercolor of Black Eyed Susans

Super happy with her BEACH watercolor.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Blue Day

The Blue Peacock
This morning's class tapped into their abstract side and created beautiful versions of the "Blue Peacock."

This is one of those paintings that you can easily spend hours on end in the Art Zone as the embellishments that can be added are endless! You are only limited by your imagination. A great mother/child kind of class!

It was a Blue Day and later I will add images from the "Bluebird of Happiness" class,  a painting created in the realist style that requires a full about face for those painting today in both classes!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Watercolor Treat! BYOB class!

It's tonight from 6-8 pm. Watercolor class "Wine Bottle with Glass". 
Since I'll be teaching this, we're adding a different background from the one Steve painted (lol-he's out of town) Let's see, how about a Tuscany hillside? Grape vineyards?
Ah so many creative decisions......but that's the beauty of painting it yourself! Oh and feel free to BYOB!

Friday, May 18, 2012

TEAM art C0-worker events!


So what happens when co-workers come together at an art event and spend two hours immersed in the joy of painting?
See their beautiful results below!

heading off to lunch after a relaxing art class!

Group Collage