Sunday, February 9, 2014

What our Children's ART classes are up to! Clay, design and painting!

We have a talented group of kids in our "after school" programs and they have explored sculpture, clay, design and more recently-abstract design!
Our clay work, so far, has been working in relief and from the few examples below you can see how creative their work is!

 We are not finished in clay! We will be using hand tools to build our own armatures to make 3 dimensional sculptures. It's a great way to learn about hand tools such as pliers and wire cutters and how to balance their piece, add clay and then paint. A super cool project!

Snowy weather didn't slow us down this past week! Enjoy the collage below (I have more coming) of the "Abstract Tree". It's a fabulous painting exercise in going right to the canvas with no pencils, no erasers...just pure imagination. There are pretty much no rules in this one so it's also an excellent exercise for them to show other family members :-)
We'll continue painting the week of Feb 10-15!
One group
another group of paintings!
Stay tuned for examples of the adult class taught by Stephen Filarsky Feb 1-Drawing Trees from life. Amazing!