Monday, October 17, 2011

Welcome AmazonLocal students!

Welcome new students! We can't wait to see you in our classes and to share with you the ways and means to open up a whole new world of art! For those who have just joined us through the AmazonLocal promotion,  visit our website, fill out the form with your voucher number, then scroll down to see what our next classes are! Regardless of what location you signed up for, YOU CAN SIGN UP FOR ANY SINGLE CLASS AT EITHER LOCATION in Wake Forest! That's right. You are not confined to just one or the other. We want you to select a class that you feel would interest you. We have plenty of them scheduled :-)

 The joy of what  we do is that we're not limited to  just one age or one group of students. Our students are every age, every ability and they all have one thing in common.... They want to paint. 
Now we know that all parents encourage their children to explore new avenues and abilities and they would not dream of labeling their offspring as "un-artistic." But you would be amazed at how many adults believe that they "have no artistic abilities whatsoever" so we love to prove them wrong!

   We will see you at one of our classes!

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