Friday, July 20, 2012

Painting the Figure and getting past the fear

Although we are missing a few additional examples from this collage, the participants stepped up to the plate and in 2 hours painted their beautiful renditions in the "Gone Fishing" class! The figures on the dock were changed into what they envisioned as each artist made her (yep all women for this class!) painting into personal  masterpieces! Painting the figure from the back presents less challenges to the new painter of figures than trying to get a likeness from the front. It opens up a whole new range of options and paintings and many a famous painter from the past only included figures in their paintings from the back or small scale. It's a very good beginning!

Were they doubting artists beforehand? Sure. But they did it!

Speaking of doubts.......I had a phone call yesterday from a woman wanting to join our upcoming "Paint your Pet" class and she shared with me all her doubts and concerns about her artistic abilities. Seems her current instructor kept telling her she
wasn't ready to paint her dog, needed more instruction, etc, etc.

Seriously-why would anyone hold someone back in the realm of painting using that ridiculous statement? Why turn the creation of art into a mystery that can only be unlocked by the hallowed halls of professionals?
I am a professional and yet nothing brings a smile quicker to my face than to see a student of any age realize that "they can do it!"

Having said that-Taking just one class isn't enough to begin to master the art of painting. One class isn't enough to master ANY hobby! So get over your fear and jump in. If you are committed, you will know that a whole new world has opened up for you. We are there to help you and guide you but the dedication must come from you!

So join the many others who have discovered their "inner artist!"
Class schedule (remember August is SHOW times for us!) for August coming and Sept-full steam ahead!

Let go of the dock-start swimming!

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