Thursday, October 4, 2012

The BLUE Peacock class!

You gotta love it when  groups of friends come to paint! We always say that "Friends should not let friends paint alone" and last night everyone took it to heart! A group of four came complete with wine, chocolate and popcorn and had a delightful time!
Another group of four were enjoying an evening in the Art Zone without the complications from the day to slip in and a pair of friends came to encourage each other to create!

The "Blue Peacock" is one on those paintings that can be taken to a very detailed level or a less detailed one. It is easy to just keep painting away and adding embellishments. And any artist can take the same image and paint it a dozen different ways and colors. Maybe a red, lavender, rainbow's your painting!

ALL the results were stunning!

And unbeknownst to the painters, they all absorbed some valuable tips about blending, color harmony and details :-) We love to sneak the ART into HAVING FUN!

I think I'll bring popcorn next time.......

Painters of the "Blue Peacock"

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