Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Sculpting with clay!

So who doesn't love clay? From play-doh to sculpey to the potters wheel there is something pretty timeless about clay! It appeals to ALL ages!
Clay helps develop fine motor skills!

We started back in February with clay reliefs and the results were adorable! Then we were walloped with snow days and finally, as the weather broke, we were able to devote the time we needed to building armatures, wrapping the wire and finally applying the sheets of thin clay over the armatures. 

This week we'll be finishing the sculpting, painting and firing the pieces.  Take a look at the few pieces and be impressed! Remember-These are their FIRST sculptures!

Collage of process!
The process

works in progress
We'll be doing more, but with animals, in our summer art camps this June and July! These will be held at our mini-farm north of Wake Forest and all details and information can be found here at the link at the bottom of the page!

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