Friday, September 9, 2011

Sept 10 classes! CReatures of the Sea and Colorful Beach Scenes!

Our last CREATURES of the SEA was so popular, we are squeezing it in again before our fall lineup! Add COLORFUL BEACH SCENES and you have a wonderful day of painting and thinking "days of summer!"
Proudly add the American flag to your beach scene!
And since the tenth anniversary of Sept 11 is the same weekend, we will also offer the option of including our American Flag in the scenes as a reminder of how much we owe our country and our freedoms to paint as we choose! Here are just two images  you can use in our afternoon class! 1-3 pm
Now just add some red, white and blue Adirondack chairs!

What was created in our last Creatures of the Sea class? Well, lots of dolphins but don't forget that there are Sea Otters, whales (well a lot of tails!)
 fish from your fish tank, seahorses, an octopus and even a shark if you want to paint one!   from 10-noon
One of several amazing dolphins from our last class!

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