Tuesday, September 20, 2011

"Painting Birds, Birds, Birds" class!

As promised here are some images from our Bird, Birds, Birds! art class. Ten students came out that evening and we love to see the repeaters! One student is in our after school program and she came with her mom...and nothing creates that unique bonding activity more than parent/child...unless of course it is husband and wife!
The class at Wake Forest Art and Frame
 Now we don't have everyone individually-for some, shyness just has to be chipped away :-) The men are the worst about having their photos taken of their painting efforts! But in a group setting they are fine. What we encourage and our students do, is to step out of their comfort zone.

You can't put a price on that achievement!

Debbie was in our Lighthouse Painting class and exceled in this one too!

This was her first class with us and this is a lovely job!

Next class on Wednesday night, Sept 21 is Painting FARM ANIMALS! That includes, sheep, donkeys, cows, goats....Come on! We meet from 6-8 and you can sign up online!
Kelly was also in our Lighthouse class and this bluejay is stunning!

Mom came with her daughter and this is their rooster! Great job!

Daughter Sarah did an outstanding job!
Tamara was thrilled with her Gold Finch painting!

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